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How to install NordVPN on Firestick

How to Install NordVPN on Firestick

NordVPN is and has always been one of the most significant VPN services known to us. Over recent years, NordVPN has become more agile and has allowed users to install NordVPN onto hundreds of devices.

One of these devices is the Amazon Firestick. There are two separate ways of installing NordVPN onto an Amazon Firestick, but we’ll be covering the newest way as it’s easier and safer to do it this way.

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Installation Method (Easy)

If you have a newer version of the Amazon Firestick, you can use the following instructions that will help you install your NordVPN onto your Amazon Firestick.

  1. Firstly, sign up for NordVPN if you don’t already have it. If you want to try it first, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee too, so you don’t need to risk your funds.

  2. On the FireTV, visit the home screen and then navigate to the magnifying glass icon (search) and enter “NordVPN” into this search bar.

  3. Once searched, select the NordVPN app. This should be the first option, but take a look and make sure you get the correct one.

  4. Once on the app page, you should be able to select “Get” and then an “Open” button. To save time next time, you can also open up NordVPN from your apps page.

  5. Once run, the NordVPN will open and run in the background. You may receive updates that you will need to run for optimal usage from time to time, but you will be notified when required.

  6. At this point, you may end up getting a login prompt for your username and password, which you will need to enter to sign in to your account with a valid subscription to the NordVPN service.

  7. Once signed in, you should now see all the servers and connections you can use, and the rest should be pretty straight forward to connect and use NordVPN on your FireTV Firestick.

What if you need to update the NordVPN app?

Updating the app should automatically update similarly to all of your other FireTV apps, and by default, automatic updates should be enabled. If you’re unable to install an update for whatever reason, you may need to uninstall the app and retry the steps from above to keep this app running optimally.

1st-Gen Firestick Installation?

Many people still use the 1st-generation Firestick, which unfortunately will not work using the NordVPN app. With this being said, you should always be able to find a router VPN that will bypass the VPN at a device level and take all your internet settings around the household to a specific VPN connection.


If you are looking to use NordVPN for all your devices, we don’t blame you. Hopefully, this is a detailed guide on how to install NordVPN onto your Amazon Firestick, which will allow you to change your connection from where you live today all the way over to whichever connection type you wish to use. You already know all the benefits of using this kind of VPN service, and even better now, it’s on the Firestick (FireTV).

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