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Campus Tech Conferences


Campus Technology Conferences is a personal blog site run by a small group of friends that have an interest in all things technology, web development, VPNs and internet security.

As friends, we met at college in Michigan and have since gone on to publish white papers in the internet safety and security space as well as advised small businesses on setup from a security perspective.

This website is purely a space to publish short articles to help the average internet user – something like offering a helping hand to those that are less literate on the internet and its’ potential pitfalls.

You’ll find short step by step guides and hacks to be able to the most out of your internet use while staying safe. We may review the odd product but they are definitely not endorsements of any kind and our reviews are completely our own opinion.

Ultimately we believe that everyone that uses the internet, young and old, should have a better understanding of what and how the internet works and take measures to stay safe online.

We’re most active on Twitter so we look forward to talking to you there.

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